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Zimmerit: History and How-to

"Standard" Vehicle Patterns

Photographic evidence suggests that certain "standardised" patterns were applied to certain vehicles. This may have been the result of preferences at particular plants. Below is a table showing which vehicle received what pattern, (this is only a general guide, contradictions abound, photographs of a Panther Ausf. A with the ridged pattern exist for example).

Vehicle NamePatternNote(s)
BrummbarRidgedAll but very early and final
ElephantRidgedNot on Ferdinand
HetzerUnknownNot known if applied
Jagdpanther (very early)CheckerEarly mantlet vehicles only
JagdtigerRidgedPossibly only on Porsche suspension vehicles
Kingtiger (early, mid)RidgedAll Porsche turrets and early Henschel
Panther D(late), A(all), G(early)Vertical ridged with secondary cross-hatchAusf. D rebuilds only
Pz. III M,N (late)RidgedVery rare
Pz. IV H(mid/late), J(early)RidgedSometimes on side skirts
Pz. IV L/70 (early)Ridged-
Pz. Jg. IV Ausf. FRidgedAll
StuG III G (early, mid)Waffle-
StuG. IV (early, mid)Ridged, "zigzag" on hull sides.-
SturmtigerRidgedZimmerit left over from conversion
Tiger I (mid, late)Raked on hull, ridged on turret.All late

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