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Cleaning the Iwata hp-cs

Cleaning the Iwata HP-CS airbrush

One of the basic things one needs to learn about his or hers airbrush is how to clean in properly. A clean brush will be sure to give a care-free painting, with no splatter or other maintenance related problems.

For the cleaning process you will need:
  • Paint thinner, or other airbrush cleaning substance
  • A brush, or a pipe cleaner
  • Tissue paper
  • Some Q-tips
  • It is recommended to have an airbrush cleaning pot

I will go through my method of cleaning the Iwata HP-CS, a popular brush in modeling, and a breath to clean.

After you have finished your paint job for the day, it is time to clean your airbrush.

First, fill the airbrush cup with thinner. I normally use lacquer thinner, as it's strong and sure to get rid of any paint. Note: there are some acrylic colors that will form a goo when affected by lacquer thinner (Model Master and Vallejo springs to mind).

Start cleaning the brush with a Q-tip soaked in thinner from the airbrush paint cup.

Next, spray the contents of the cup into an airbrush cleaning pot.

Refill the cup half full with thinner,

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