Making a Bottle

Follow these easy steps to create great looking bottles to add a bit of a human touch to your diorama.
What you will need:
1. An old pen, 2. A candle, 3. Milliput, 4. Green paint, 5. Paint brush, 6. Toothpick, 7. Knife

Process 1: Stretch it out
We are going to use a pen and use the empty end (image 1) and Above a flame (image 2) I've stretched it to obtain my bottle's form. Here is what you obtain. Cut as shown (image 3). Now you've got 2 bottles!

Process 2: Fine Tuning the shape
Close to the flame I've made a little flange on top. Something like that ! - images 4 - 6

Process 3: Final Touches
With a little bit of Milliput I've closed the bottom. (images 7a and 7b) With a paintbrush with long hair I've painted inside with oil paint (Green oxide of Chromium) (image 8).
The cork is missing. Cut the hint of a toothpick and that's it !

Final Display
You can see the final display in the last image.

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  • 1bouteille08_8
  • 1bouteille09_9
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