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Step by Step

Over the course of several months, in the braille scale forum I have been writing a step by step explaining which techniques I normally use when scratch building a model. These techniques have been compiled in this article as a guide for all of the Armorama Modellers. There are a lot of techniques covered, and I‘m sure there are many other methods which may be better than mine, but I feel if you do not want not to use these methods then they can used to improve your owns methods. It is important to remember you will not need rare or expensive tools for these methods, the following text covers my methods for working with and making;

  • Working with drawings (planning, testing, cutting, structures)
  • Working with electrical cable
  • Circles
  • Rivets
  • Wheels
  • Resin copies
  • Working easy with resin copies
  • Soldering PE parts.
  • Headlight glasses
  • Canvas
  • Crane rollers
  • Weld seams
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