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How to Make Tentrolls

OK, the following trick is actually quite easy and probably more professional modelers know this teqnique already but it's good for the younger modelers starting out. I made this small tutorial about making “tent-rolls” (hope I spelled that correctly or that it's an existing word). It's super easy to make and when you have nothing to do you could make a supply of it.

On to the tutorial:

  1. First thing you take is a roll of toilet paper.
  2. You tear off one sheet, that's more than enough for what we want to make.
  3. Take a little bowl with water and make the paper wet. Now you have to handle the paper like it's your own child or else you will tear it apart and you will have to start over again.
  4. Fold the sheet as shown in the illustration.
  5. Than roll it up.
  6. Take 2 strings of sewing thread and tie them on to your roll.
  7. The result should look a bit like this.


Then you let the "tent-roll" dry. When it's dry you can paint it in every colour you like. You can also experiment with different sizes or a different way of folding to make the roll longer, shorter or thicker. You will see it for yourself. These look good on dioramas, tanks or where-ever you want to use them.

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