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Building the Panzer 1

The usual immaculate Dragon packaging, with excellent box art by Barry Crook. I always get a ‘tingly’ feeling when I open a new Dragon kit, and this was no exception…and no disappointment either! Everything in its own Ziploc bag with the real ‘goodies’ on the now common Dragon card, individually bagged.

There are 6 sprues of the usual light grey styrene, 2 clear sprues, one holding the headlights and the other the clear mouldings for the vision ports (more on this later), one sprue of jerry cans, the lower hull, and three photo etched frets. All the parts looked very cleanly moulded, without any flash whatsoever.

The instructions are again, the usual exploded line drawing type, with assembly instructions for 3 possible versions, the command version with the frame antennae, an add-on armour version, and a tropical DAK version.

  • Panz003
  • Panz004
  • Panz005
  • Panz006
  • Panz007
  • Panz008
  • Panz009
  • Panz011
  • Panz012
  • Panz013
  • Panz014
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