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Making Palm Trees

Starting Out

In this small workshop I will explain to you how everyone can create a palm tree with a minimum of material.

The things you need are:

  • A piece of old electrical wire (20 cm).

  • Some toilet paper.

  • Some string (the coconut type).

  • Wall paper glue.

  • Iron wire (the green plastic-coated type).

  • Coconut fiber.

  • Paint (every modeler has that on the shelf).

  • And last but not least some silk leaves.

Step One: The Trunk

  • The first thing you have to do is to cut the piece of electrical wire of about 20 cm.

  • Then tie the coconut string at one end of the electrical wire and roll it to the other end in a diagonal way.

  • The trick is to leave about 6mm space between the wires. (See photo 1a)

  • When you reached the other end of the electrical wire you have to to this again but then in a reverse way. (see photo 1b)

  • This is to obtain the honey comb effect. (see photo 1c)

  • When you have reached the place where you have started just tie it together with a flat knot. It does not matter that you see the knot it will be concealed later.

Project Photos

Photo 1a

Photo 1b

Photo 1c

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About H.L.Sikkema (demodelbouwer)

hello i'm eric and i live in the Netherlands. I'm married with ilona and have three daugters. for the last year i am a very active modeller. Before that the hobby was only a time distraction. I'm a modeller for over 35 years now and i like to share my knowledge with others in any way i can.