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AFV Painting & Weathering
Answers to questions about the right paint scheme or tips for the right effect.
last but not least.....a fine airbrush questi
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Posted: Saturday, May 25, 2002 - 06:01 PM UTC
hey all
im about to be disconnected (counting down the hours now) from the internet so thought id post one last question and probably hop online next week from work to check out the forum. Anyway i seem to be moving along well with my airbrushing but there is still one thing that im yet to figure out.

Im trying to paint a camouflage design as seen on the mobelwagen sd.kfz 161/3 (the aa tank on the trailer) seen in the following links.....

hopefully they work...


while the image isnt very big to see (the second link is a closer shot) the camo pattern is a very mottled effect.....and quite faint. I just love it but dont know how to creat it. I still seem to be having a problem with airbrushing very fine detail....and this kind of effect on this size model (1/35) is something im really trying to strive towards. Im just wondering if there are any special settings i should be doing to work with fine detail like this. I now have a regulator and seem to be able to control pressure up to 25psi. I suspect a need to thin the paint down (tamiya acrylics) alot more for this type of camo but does this effect the milkie texture we should be aiming for when airbrushing?? Ive been thinking about it today and was thought a solution to this may be to mix the camo colour with clear acrylic then thin down as normal (high amount of clear and very small amount of colour just to tint it). would this create a very thin and faint paint layer like the ones in the pictures???

again any help always apreciated....
see you all soon...