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Review of 3d printed parts from Shapeways
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Posted: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 04:01 AM UTC
Review of 3d printed parts from Shapeways

1. JSí Shape Works (j-shape) JS35A058 M2A1 cal .50 Ammo Box Early (x18)
2. Mikeís MS Productions (Michael Goldberg) MPS35-023 LVOSS Arming/Firing Units (x9)
3. Priamide Models (Ettore Galasso) Harris Antenna Mount (x4)
4. Samofalov Prototyping Models (Peter Samofalov) SPM-35-006 Pintle Hook (x4)

Parts preparation and cleaning: Shapeways prints parts in many different materials. When someone uploads a model to the website, they choose a material to print their model that suits the item being printed. For model builders, a translucent resin/plastic is used which can replicate very high levels of detail. I had all of the sets printed in Frosted Extreme Detail matte translucent plastic. It captures very fine detail. A fine powdery residue is present in some places and can easily be cleaned off with some mild dish soap and a soft bristled brush. Printing lines can be seen and sometimes felt on 3d printed parts. This varies from part to part. The appearance of print lines can be lessened under a coat of good quality primer. A light sanding may also be necessary.

Packaging: The sets come packaged in a small bubble wrap bags that are sometimes placed within small zipper bags. There is a small label with a tiny and poorly printed drawing of the contents of the set attached to the packaging. This is the weak point for me when buying items from Shapeways. The packaging adequately protects your 3d printed items during shipping.

1. Review of JSí Shape Works (j-shape) JS35A058 M2A1 cal .50 Ammo Box Early (x18)

Introduction: This will be a review of JSí Shape Works (j-shape.com) JS35A058 which is a set of 18, 3d printed ammunition cans that were designed for use with .50 cal and smaller ammunition. JSí Shape Works items can be bought from their website or from Shapeways. These are the early version of the M2A1 ammo can that had an angled side on the lid that is similar to the current .30 cal ammo can. I have seen photos that show this can in use as recently as 2003 in action in Mosul, Iraq with the 101AD.

Review: I contacted Junsang Park (j-shape) on his storefront JSí Shape Works on Shapeways after seeing photos there of his M2A1 ammo cans. I asked if it would be possible for him to create a model of the early style can. He let me know a couple of months later that he had uploaded the early style M2A1 to his store. One thing I really like about JSí Shape Works offerings is the renderings on their storefront that show exactly what material needs to be removed from each part when cutting them from their runners. The set contains two sets of nine ammo boxes. Each set has three each of an ammo can with a closed lid, three open cans with .50 cal rounds depicted, and three open and empty cans. Each set also has six lids for the open cans. The closed cans printed the best of the set. After careful cleaning, they had no noticeable artifacts and few noticeable print lines. Both the open can with rounds and the empty cans have vertical lines on their sides. After a coat of primer Tamiya Fine Surface Primer (Light Gray) they became very noticeable. I sanded the lines off and shot them with a second coat of primer. The angled part of the lid is not shaped quite right. On these cans there is a horizontal portion that doesnít extend far enough before the angle starts. I really donít think that is much of an issue, Junsang has said it will be corrected in the near future. There is also a series of fine lines visible on the tops of the open lids that will have to be removed. The cans with rounds depicted have the links that connect the rounds together too far forward on the shell casing. The links should be shown at point where the shell diameter decreases.

Conclusion: This set is a solid offering from JSí Shape Works. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to add the correct, early style M2A1 ammo cans to a vehicle load or diorama. Junsang has just added a set of 18 of these early style cans, all with closed lids. The part number for this set is JS35A060.

Pros: Great subject, fantastic detail, fills a hole for early style M2A1 ammo cans.

Cons: Wrong angle on lid (soon to be fixed), wrong location for ammo links, pronounced print lines.

2. Review of Mikeís MS Productions (Michael Goldberg, MikeyBugs95 on Armorama) MPS35-023 LVOSS Arming/Firing Units (x9)

Introduction: This will be a review of Mikeís MS Productions MPS35-023 which is a set of 9, 3d printed LVOSS (Light Vehicle Obscuration Smoke System) arming and firing units. These units are used to control the arming and firing of obscuring smoke grenades.

Review: While working on a review of Live Resinís LVOSS system I did some research on Google and realized I would need the Arming/Firing portion of the system. I asked Michael if he could create the unit on his thread here on Armorama in August 2016. A couple of months later I saw that he had finished them. The units are small. There really is not much here to work with, but they do portray all detail Iíve seen on drawings of the prototype perfectly. There are even tiny slots for mounting screws on the flange. These parts needed no further prep after cleaning. After a shot of primer the detail of these tiny parts becomes apparent. There are no printing artifacts and no visible print lines. The guard around the firing button is just an amazing detail. Parts of this size are a perfect match for 3d printing.

Conclusion: This set is a solid offering from Mike Goldbergís Mikeís MS Productions. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to add that extra bit of detail to their HMMWV or any other vehicle which uses the LVOSS.

Pros: Great subject, fantastic detail.

Cons: None.

3. Review of Priamide Models (Ettore Galasso, galactica on Armorama) Harris Antenna Mount (x4)

Introduction: This will be a review of Priamide Models Harris Antenna Mount which is a set of 4, 3d printed antennas used on HMMWVs and MRAPs which mount Harris radios. There are two antenna bases (mounts) which have a large, accordion section. These mounts are a tall mount bent at a 45 degree bend and a shorter mount bent at a 60 degree bend. There are also two mounts which have an adjustable, lockable folding section which are folded to 60 degrees and to 90 degrees. The 60 degree mount is taller than the 90 degree mount.

Review: The items are attached to their runners in a way that requires they be removed before they can be effectively cleaned of the fine, white powder that is left over as part of the printing process. One of the folding mounts broke as I was brushing the powder from it. It was easily fixed with a small drop of cyanoacrylate based glue. These mounts are very well detailed. There are very few close-up photos of these mounts on the internet, but what photos I could find showed that these mounts are accurate. There appears to be many variations of these mounts on US vehicles. Details vary widely. The two mounts with an accordion section are very well done. I have seen photos of soda straws used, but that technique leaves a lot to be desired. The accordion section has a very realistically folded bellows section. The lockable, folding mounts are very sharp. You can even see the holes that are arrayed around the head of the mount. They were hard to make out at first, but once the powder was cleaned away, they were very well defined. Once I applied a coat of primer, the amazing detail became apparent.

Conclusion: These antenna mounts are a welcome offering by Ettore Galasso and his Priamide Models. This set should be welcome by all who model any vehicle in use today in any of the varied theaters of conflict around the world. Highly recommended.

Pros: Great subject, fantastic detail, adaptable to many vehicles.

Cons: None.

4. Review of Samofalov Prototyping Models (Peter Samofalov) SPM-35-006 Pintle Hook (x4)

Introduction: This will be a review of SPMís Pintle hook which is a set of 4, 3d printed Pintle hooks which are designed for use on HMMWV models by Tamiya, but can be used on many vehicles.

Review: The Pintle hooks come in two pieces and are difficult to thoroughly clean while still attached to the runner. The set corrects detail on the kit parts that cannot be correctly replicated using current injection molding techniques. They replace the kit parts which have the holes on either side of the Pintle hook molded at unrealistic angles. The Pintle itself is also much more realistic having much of the detail that is usually softened on plastic models.

Conclusion: This is a welcome set which adds that extra touch of sharpness to a model for those who have gone the extra distance on the rest of their replica. I highly recommend this set.

Pros: Sharp detail, correct angles without having to bend too thin photo etch.

Cons: None
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Posted: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 12:20 PM UTC
Nice comparison review, thanks Eric.

Most of the 3D pieces I saw required some form of cleaning procedure, but these pieces look really good under a shot of primer. Amazing details on the LVOSS pieces, I wish I knew about these earlier... although perhaps I can still use them on my Humvee. Ettore's antennas look perfect, as well as Peter's pintle. Do you have any other Humvee items from Peter's shop?

Eric, can you give us some links to the Shapeways shops that you usually visit?

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Posted: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 03:24 PM UTC
Nice stuff there.
Think he could do the firing stuff on the rear of a T-34 Calliope in 1/6 scale?
How about the 4.5" rockets?
Tubes would be 3/4" in ID in scale.

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California, United States
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Posted: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 06:11 PM UTC
Mario, here are some of the shops I frequent on Shapeways.

JSí Shape Works (j-shape.com) by Junsang Park. Junsang is very responsive and is going to make the corrections to the side profile of the ammo box lid. He concentrates on weapons, weapons mounts, and ammo boxes in 1/35th scale. Contact him directly through his store on Shapeways.

https://www.shapeways.com/shops/j-shape" TARGET="_blank"> https://www.shapeways.com/shops/j-shape

I'm not sure why the url is repeating above. I can't seem to fix it.

Mikeís MS Productions by Michael Goldberg (MikeyBugs95) will make just about anything you can supply him with the references for. Mike is constantly ensuring his parts will print correctly and works with you to make sure his models satisfy his customers. Contact him through this thread here on Armorama.


Mikeís Shapeways shop.


Priamide Models by Ettore Galasso (galactica) makes items for his own use on his modern models. He makes a small number of highly useful items for MRAPs and HMMWVs.


Samofalov Prototyping Models by Peter Samofalov (samofptr) is the ccreative force behind some releases from Live Resin, ANT Miniatures and Legend Productions. He was designing quite a few items for HMMWV GMVs on Shapeways. Many of them are very useful. His TOW ITAS sets have been improved and are being released in resin by Legend.