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Military figures of all shapes and sizes.
Legend: US Navy SEAL #4
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Posted: Sunday, November 04, 2018 - 10:54 PM UTC

Pete Becerra reviews and builds the US NAVY SEAL #4 w/M18 Smoke Grenade & SCAR Mk.20 Sniper from Legend Productions in 1/35th scale.

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Posted: Thursday, November 08, 2018 - 11:17 AM UTC
Hi Pete, lovely work on the SEAL mate....how did you find the decals? Do you do part decal then fill in with paint? What decal solution works for you?
Sorry mate with the questions but I am going to try the same.
Cheers, Jason
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Posted: Friday, November 09, 2018 - 08:21 PM UTC
Good questions Jason. Since this was a review on the figure itself, I didn't want to put to much in the review about the decal process. But answering those questions here is perfect and this is what the thread should be used for.

I purchased the decals from www.spruebrothers.com. The have the whole assortment of CrossDelta decals to include all the US uniform types. Yes, I do all the decal work first, seal that in with clear flat and then paint in all the other details. I use Walthers Solvaset, it seems to be the strongest and you need a strong setting solution for these decals. Work in little sections and try to use the actual seems to place the decals. Use a brand new X-Acto blade to trim and cut.

Hope this helps.