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AFV Painting & Weathering
Answers to questions about the right paint scheme or tips for the right effect.
Leopard 1A2 & Strv103C Colours ...
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United Kingdom
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Posted: Wednesday, June 05, 2019 - 10:58 AM UTC
Two questions ... (1) Using Humbrol enamels, what would be a suitable colour match for the Leopard 1A2? If I remember correctly, the colour is referred to as 'gelboliv'. Italeri suggest Olive Drab, which would be either 66 or 155.
(2) Other than the 4-colour splinter camouflage scheme, are there any other options for the Strv103C? I had in mind an overall green with a winter white disruptive camouflage pattern, but wasn't sure which green to use.
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Washington, United States
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Posted: Sunday, June 09, 2019 - 11:58 PM UTC
Don't use olive drab for the Leopard. Gelboliv is a distinctive color the German Army used.


I use the Model Master enamel gelboliv.
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Alberta, Canada
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Posted: Monday, June 10, 2019 - 02:51 AM UTC
For Early German colour I use a mixture of

4 parts Tamiya XF-51 Khaki Drab
2 parts Tamiya XF-74 JGSDF Olive Drab
1 part Tamiya XF-57 Buff

Picked this up a while ago from some fellow Modellers!
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Waterford, Ireland
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Posted: Monday, June 10, 2019 - 03:02 AM UTC
Hi Paul
As far as the Leo is concerned, Revell Enamel RL32142 Yellowish Olive or at a push acrylic RL36142 should see you right.