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Making Metal Shovels

This is an other in the tip section for making replacement parts out of aluminium foil. I use Chinese take away dishes or pie or cake trays can be used.

In this case a new shovel blade, method starts by removing all the moulded on details from the shovel blade of the original kit part. Smooth the shovel blade and do not at this stage remove it from the shaft.

Cut a piece of foil larger than the blade, and cut a tang shape to allow the foil to be bent round the shaft of the kit shovel. Then gently bend the remainder of the foil around the shovel blade. With a blunted wooden cocktail stick burnish the foil over the head till it forms the outline of the blade. When you are satisfied remove the foil and with scissors cut out the shape of the blade. Refit over the original kit part and re burnish till it forms the depression in the attachment area of the shovel blade on the kit part. Once you are satisfied with the result, remove it and gently file the edges. Then cut the kit shovel head off and supper glue the replacement in place on the shaft.

In my case I made a new shaft and cut the handle off, then lining it up with the replacement blade glued it in place.

At no cost and about 15 minutes work you have a replacement and more in scale.

Ian Sadler - 2002

The completed shovel

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