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Celtic Chieftain, Second Half of 6th Century BC

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About the Author

About Ernesto Reyes (Ernesto)

I'm Illustrator and Graphic Designer, I was born in Caracas Venezuela, I started painting modern aircrafts, sometimes I still doing that. I began painting figures on 2000 when I saw several great figures in an expo, I like to paint figures of any kind of period but I prefer the medio evo and modern ...


Very nice work Ernesto, i like the colour of the cloths Well done
OCT 09, 2006 - 02:04 AM
Beautiful painting Ernesto,I realy like al the colours you have used and the way you have shaded and highlighted them.Have you used metalic inks for the metal work?,they have come up looking great.I like your ground work,very realistic and gives great atmoshpere to the figure.I can see why it was first in the figure of the month last August.Kind regards John
OCT 11, 2006 - 02:27 PM