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Off Duty

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About the Author

About Alguhan Akşar (wampum)

Born in 1973, Istanbul.I'm married and I have two lovely sons. As a son of a modeller I've built many aircraft models when I was just a little kid. Then by my father's suggestions I've built some sailing ships in large scales. Later my favorites were 1/35 dioramas, mostly WW2 German till I met the ...


That's great. The more I see it the more I like it.
NOV 28, 2006 - 11:18 PM
I really like this one a lot,mainly because this shows war in a everyday sense with not a sign of fighting but instead the everyday events that occur with every army in every theater of war. Steve
NOV 29, 2006 - 01:04 AM
Very well done. I like the scene I like the techniques. Credit to whoever did the photoshopping. Cool MOD.
NOV 29, 2006 - 04:36 AM
Thanks friends. I am glad you like it. Steve, the point that you've mentioned has caught lots of interest when I opened a topic about this vignette. You can see the topic here Scott I did the photoshop work. I think it is nice to add a touch like this to the figure works when they are going to be displayed as a feature.
NOV 29, 2006 - 12:00 PM