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Woodland Scene

The figures and base are sculpted by Markus Eckmann. You may see a SBS about sculpting steps of this vignette at this link

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About the Author

About Markus Eckmann (MarkusE)

Hello Friends, here are my Bio/Backround: Born 16.11.1968 in Ingolstadt/Bavaria/Germany. Im married since 1998 and I live in Rohaupten - that is near Castle Neuschwanstein - about ten minutes by car. I have a son (7 years old) and a daughter (4 years old). Im a Physiotherapist and a profess...


Hi Markus, Thanks for sharing this terrific build, from start to finish, with us. Brilliant and fantastic to see the end result. Bravo, my friend! Thanks also to Engin for bringing us the final OD. Rudi
FEB 18, 2007 - 03:02 PM
@Engin: Thank you very much for your work on the OD my friend !!! @Rudi: Lots of thanks for your kind words !!! Im glad you like the result. Best wishes, Markus
FEB 18, 2007 - 08:00 PM