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Painting the Slave One

  • Rust red primer colour [Pollyscale panzer red brown] accentuated on shield base and Tamiya buff painted on selected lower panels. The rust coat was done free hand then the buff panels were masked around the edge and sprayed carefully.
  • Images 10 and 11
  • Tamiya buff chips were added to the shield base along panel lines as well as streaks scratches and fading to the rust primer using an artist oil mix. The artist oils give much more control and are better for the fading due to their ability to be added as subtle detail. The scratches need a sharper finish and are done with the acrylic.
  • Grey scratches were also added to the shield base [dark grey] and the upper fuselage [light grey].
  • Black green was added to the rudder faring then over-sprayed with grey green [acrylic mix].
  • Orange was added to the rudder panel root.
  • Han was also painted at this point getting the black-red brown-metal stages.
  • Images 12, 13 and 15
  • First painted in smoke I then attached it to the kit with white glue [Kristal Klear].
  • Laser cannons detailed with Testors aluminium.
  • Image 15
  • Model was dry brushed very lightly with a very light sand [artist oil mix].
  • Engine area detailed with Testors chrome silver and metallic grey and rust pigment added for weathering.
  • Base stand clear coated after painted in Tamiya Black Green]
    • 10_redsheild1
    • 11_redsheld1
    • 12_detail
    • 13_detail
    • 14_has
    • 15_canopy
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    About the Author

    About Ian Hill (Brokeneagle)

    Whatever project I find myself doing I always try to create something a little 'left' of the typical. I use modelling to add a 3rd dimension to my painting of pictures. Please visit my website at threedbattleart.com


    Here is a cool feature Michael is doing on the same subject FichtenFoo Article
    FEB 22, 2007 - 05:47 PM
    Jawdropping painting work as usual Ian! Nice SBS to read, very clear -a lot of people should be entitled to read it, whatever what they paint. -now nobody is going to take your head about the amount of paint chipping on the spaceship :-)
    FEB 22, 2007 - 06:43 PM
    Scott, thanks for all the great work on the presentation of the article. Jean- Bernard, thanks, especially coming from yourself as I greatly admire your work. I also thought I should add that this has been modelled on the older and more beaten up Slave 1 used in movie 5, once it has been handed on to the son. I used my Art of Star Wars book to render the ship from color shots of the actual model. I was intentionally liberal with my chips to emphasize the age and use, but also to align with the condition of the studio model.For my own taste I usually don't chip this much [except on old sci fi] ........... I felt this model needed this kind of treatment to bring it to life. :-)
    FEB 23, 2007 - 04:42 AM
    Very nice paint job and article.
    FEB 23, 2007 - 03:20 PM