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Distraction: Greta's Revenge

The Interior

The floor in my ruin was made with Balsa wood just cut the strips in two long strips and cut these in the length that you want your floor planks to be. Glue them onto your floor. The table was made with cardboard and matchsticks. Take a matchstick and cut it in the length then cut it to size and stick it under the cardboard tabletop. The Lenin picture was found on the internet and I made a picture frame of matchsticks that I also cut in the length and then to size to match the picture. Painted that black. And burned the picture with a lighter. There is also a small floor section visible that came from the floor above. This was also made with balsawood.

The window post was made with an Ice-cream stick and I put against the window frame. Under the window post I made some sort of ornament out of three long toothpicks that were a bit narrower then the window post. On the inside of the building I made the debris in the same way as I did with the debris outside the building (see 10. debris). And I painted it in the same way too (see 11. painting the debris) I first gave all the non-foam parts and the wallpaper a very thick black wash and then a very thick black dry brush to get the scorched interior effect.


Greta is another main character in my dio she is a mannequin. I made her of the extremely versatile Styrofoam I cutout a square of it and then filed a mannequin out of it. Painted it in khaki drill the tarp was made out of a piece of toilet paper made wet folded a couple of times and glued it onto the doll.

A German helmet with a couple of puncture holes to simulate bullet holes for the finish of Greta. The puncture holes were made with a heated needle just push it into the helmet and while the needle is still hot just turn it a couple of times then pull it out Painted it in silver color. ASAT (fig. 26, 27, 28).

Weather forecast… Snow

Finally my third problem and my third challenge…Snow never have done anything with that in a dio. Oh well a couple of tests on an old Tiger tank but that’s all. So I show you the way that I have made my snow.

Things you need:
- A bottle of baby powder.
- A spray can hairspray.

First sprinkle the baby powder on your dio just like normal snow would fall. After you have done this spray your hairspray over it not to close or you will blow all of your “snow” off. You might repeat these two steps a couple of times till you get the effect or layer snow that you want. (Fig. 29, 30, 31).

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About the Author

About Robert Blokker (FAUST)

Started modelling when I was about 7 or 8 years old had a little break in between (school, girls partying) and eventually returned when finding this site in 2002. Main interest WW2 German army, wheeled vehicles and radio and communication troops or every other thing that manages to catch my interest...


Nice article Robert, thanks a lot for taking the time to put it together. Lots of good techiques in one place. Roger
FEB 12, 2003 - 09:12 PM
FEB 13, 2003 - 08:09 AM
Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
FEB 13, 2003 - 04:12 PM
Jim Thanks for adding the article to the site and guys thanks for the replies. on the article. I hope more of the contestants will do the same thing
FEB 14, 2003 - 12:27 AM
Robert, Great coverage of the assembly of an even great diorama !!! Compliments all the way. Eagle says : Goed gedaan Jochie..... #:-)
FEB 14, 2003 - 04:45 AM
One of the best winter dioramas i have seen in along time .
FEB 15, 2003 - 03:29 AM
Robert, Very nice dio indeed !!! It was nice to read the tips and tricks !!! Now for the dutchies.... Robert zou je of heb je dit artikel ook in het Nederlands ?? Veel van de tips wil ik graaggebruiken op mijn site voor beginnende bouwers in ons eigen kikker landje . stuur even een ractie naar mij via het e-mail adres op mijn site . mvg Eric
FEB 16, 2003 - 02:49 AM
Amazing. Glad this popped up in Past Features nearly ten years later.
NOV 09, 2012 - 10:43 PM
A nice walk down memory lane. I remember this group build like it was last week. It was cool to read the last paragraph on how it was "the best 2 months on the internet" ... have to agree ... modelling was such a buzz at that time, for me as well. Nice one Robert.
NOV 10, 2012 - 03:08 AM