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The Figures of the Queensland Hobby & Model Expo - 2007

These are some of the figures, and a few interesting extras, from QHME 2007 (Queensland Hobby and Model Expo) held the weekend of 25 and 26 August 2007 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I have tried to give you not only an overview of the figures on the judging tables, but also a few photos those fabulous pieces on display on the club tables. In addition, I have included a few pieces by 'Boots' Wellington, a friend who managed to put together a display at a moments notice.

The first category, as seen in the first 3 photos) is that of Fantasy. The black female figure in the background placed first but out of respect I have not included a photo. She was followed by the Sean Connery figure, the Ork, and then by two 28mm figures which were of a very high standard.

The next 2 are just a glimpse of the scratch built division. I think the traction engine took gold. The lovely British Napoleonic gun and limber which can be seen in background and the scratch built Ogre Tyrant also placed.

Next are 4 shots of the SciFi out of box category, including 2 pieces from our own HF members Paul Ryall and yours truly. The Slave one got gold, the other suit second and I won a bronze. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the other Sci-Fi category).

The category that drew the largest number (and most fantastic) of entries was that of “Below 80mm”. This category was very small last year but was great this year with the medieval knights taking all the prizes.

Next is the above 80mm post-1900 with my friend winning Gold with his 200mm Aussie WWII but his WWI did not even get a place. I feel for the judges - WWI just seems to not be as pretty. This one is a huge conversion based on a famous Bronze at the Australian War Museum).

Next comes 5 vignettes with the Romans in snow the gold. The "Dioramas - Civilian" are the next 2 with a lovely Wagon and some interesting shenanigans going on winning Gold.

Next came another large section - 28mm armies with 7 photos with Gold going to the Arabs followed by the space machines and then the Knights. Then a very small category of 15mm armies- I won silver.

Then, especially for Craig Whitaker, we have all the busts - The Napoleonic got gold. The “Over 80mm pre-20th century” again a very large group and gold went to the Roman. Last are 3 photos of 'Boot's display of figures.

There was so much more but unfortunately I ran out of shots. I hope everyone enjoys these pictures. Next year I hope to borrow a tripod and get some extra batteries.

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About the Author

About Ian Fainges (fanai)

I am an avid modeller but my main focus is figures as I am a wargamer,Model Trains in O scale 1/48 and now have commercial figures out under the R&J models logo in Australia. I have been painting figures since 1981 but it has not been since I meet Phil Walden that I have actually started to sculpt f...


The standard of the show looks high and so good to see familiar figures. I liked the vignettes with 3-4 figures of the same period like Anglosaxons and Vikings.It is also great to see some old SF3D Machinen Krieger figures. Thanks Ian for the show report.
SEP 05, 2007 - 07:49 PM
I would have loved to get more individual shots but some of the distant figures where very hard to photograph Ian
SEP 10, 2007 - 01:00 AM
Some fine figures there to look at,love the large Aussie bren gunner,fantastic figure. Steve
SEP 10, 2007 - 06:03 AM
Definitely lots of eye candy. Fine pieces. Thanks for highlighting this one Ian and congratulations on your well deserved win.
SEP 13, 2007 - 07:13 PM
Some great figures there thanks for posting and congratulations to you and the other HF members on the wins.
SEP 13, 2007 - 08:45 PM