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Bukit Kepong: The Malayan Alamo

  • bkepong01

"Bukit Kepong" incident is a historic armed encounter which took place on the February 23, 1950 between the police and the Malayan Communists during pre-independence Malaya (the period referred to as the Malaya Emergency). The conflict took place in a remote area surrounding the Bukit Kepong wooden police station in Kampong (village) Bukit Kepong. Coincidently the outpost's name is ominously translated as 'Siege Hill' ("Bukit" means Hill, "Kepong" means surrounded or siege).

The isolated wooden station was manned by 15 Malay Regular and Marine Police Constables, complimented by 3 Special Constables and 4 local Auxiliary Police. 13 police wives and children were also lodged in the married quarters at the rear of the compound.

200 well-armed Communists launched a guerrilla attack on the station at 4:15am. Despite the odds, the policemen refused to surrender, although numerous calls by the communists for them to lay down arms were made. Several officers were killed as the shooting continued and the wives of the defending officers took up arms when they discovered their husbands had fallen in battle.

Desperate and alarmed by the defenders’ tenacity, the Communists captured one of the officer’s wives and threatened her at gunpoint in an attempt to urge the policemen to surrender. The defenders replied that they would never surrender and continued fighting. This resulted in the execution of the hostage.

About five hours after the first shot was fired the communists managed to break the defences and set the place ablaze. The assault ended tragically in a bloody massacre with the aggressors killing almost all of the police officers with a few badly wounded managing to survive as eye witnesses.

To some the incident is also known as the "Malaya Alamo".

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Hey, I'm CPTan from Malaysia. Like most of you guys, I started plastic modelling when I was a kid with Matchbox and Airfix. Didn't care much about painting and detail then as they were more towards 'play and destroy'. Stop this hobby for about twenty years or so for more "serious adult stuff"... and...


A masterpiece, mon ami! Very very good. One of the best vignettes I've seen in a while, CK. Your conversion of the figures is outstanding, especially the faces. Though I must say you could have made the woman a tad more beautiful than you have (yes, we have Malays over here in SL, and some of them are hot stuff!). I love the whole setting, and the poses are very realistic. The bullet damaage too is perfect. Very authentic. Good photography too.
OCT 18, 2007 - 06:27 PM
I followed before the SBS threat of this vignette and now having it as a feature is really nice. Thanks CPTan for sharing and thanks Rudi for arranging this.
OCT 18, 2007 - 06:52 PM
My warmest congratulations to CPTan, i really really like his vignette JB
OCT 18, 2007 - 07:48 PM
Turned out excellent CP. And thanks for a little bit of Malaysian history.
OCT 19, 2007 - 11:29 AM