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Germanic Warrior

Germanic Warrior
Manufacturer : Pegaso Models
Item Code : 75-024
Scale : 75 mm
Material : White metal
Sculptor : Andrea Jula

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About the Author

About Ragip Oy (zwan)

Born in 1963,married and living in Istanbul with my wife and 2 kids. I started to model with wooden ships in my teens. Then lack of space at home changed my route to aircraft and afv. My last stop is figures. I am painting figures and busts since 2003.


Excellent painting Ragip. I have this figure in the gray army and may just have to bring him out after being motivated by yours. Thanks for posting.
NOV 04, 2007 - 11:18 PM
Excellent painting on a great piece. Congrats for finishing it. The shield and fur look awesome, and the pants
NOV 05, 2007 - 01:49 AM
Thanks Guy and Algu
NOV 07, 2007 - 12:56 AM
Lovely work, Ragip. This is one of my favourite figures and you've done a fantastic job on it!! Rudi
NOV 07, 2007 - 05:06 AM
good result with the figure Ragip,nice work on the pants and the fur. Steve
NOV 09, 2007 - 08:29 AM
Great job on the fig Ragip -especially the like of matching colours -red and greens (special mention to the trousers), the great Bambi eyes are a bit strange for such a rugged warrior, but the shield is tops!
NOV 09, 2007 - 08:57 AM
Great works Ragıp, I love This Figure. Awesome (Winner is The Ragıp OY) Especially Like shield and trouser pattern, Vegetation................
NOV 09, 2007 - 09:19 AM
Rudi, Steve, Jean-Bernard, Serkand Thanks friends for all comments
NOV 11, 2007 - 06:14 AM