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Fort Class Freighter, SS Fort Erie

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"Crew-mate Mike McCabe shares a fine gallery of his tanker, SS Fort Erie, a resin conversion build that was included in this years "Atlantic Convoy", in Telford, England!"

"Here's some photos of my model of SS Fort Erie, she is a Fort class freighter (T2-SE-A1), a Canadian built ship used by the British Merchant Navy in WW2.

The build is based on HP Models resin kit of HMS Berry Head, a destroyer tender, though I decided to convert it to a Fort class freighter.

I replaced the decks with brass sheet, using the kit parts as templates, scratch-built the masts and derricks, and added the AA mounts.

A lot of other extra detail was added, including winches from Battlefleet Models, and all of the deck cargo is scratch-built from plastic sheet."
Vessel information
Type: North Sands
Registry No. 168477
Tonnage: 7,128grt
Dimensions: 440.5 x 57.2
Builders: United Shipyards Ltd., Montreal
Delivery Date: May, 1943
Owners;Managers: D.O.C.; F. S. Dawson Ltd., Cardiff for M.O.W.T.

Post war History: 1951: Fort Erie Steamship Co., Montreal, renamed MAIDENHEAD;
1957: Greek owners, renamed ARISTEFS;
1966: Hong Kong owners, renamed TUNG YIH;
1967: Broken up Keelung
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About the Author

About Mike McCabe (MikeM)


Great work. It is always nice to see a non warships being show cased. That is a fantastic conversion from a Destroyer to a merchant ship. Thanks for sharing!
APR 13, 2008 - 02:15 AM
Hi Mike, Excellent work, the conversion looks 1st class and your attention to detail shows well on the kit.. That's a serious convoy you have there! lol, lol Great stuff. Al
APR 13, 2008 - 08:42 AM
Hi Mike!! I wasn't aware of the amount of work you had put on this one - still surprising me, even after seeing it live! Congratulations once again on another masterly finished ship model Rui
APR 14, 2008 - 01:37 AM
Very nice, love the "convoy" project... great build! Thanks for posting. cheers!
APR 15, 2008 - 12:01 PM