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Caen '44

CAEN '44
by Keith Magee

The building ("Hotel with Facade") is from the PLUS MODEL line, manufactured in Eastern Europe. The works of owner and founder Petr Vessly are some what more grand in scale than those found by the likes of Verlinden and Custom Dioramics, although CD is fast catching up. Many of you may know PLUS MODEL as a maker of fine resin diorama accessories sold here in the US, but in Europe, Petr has taken over as the "king of diorama building kits" since the departure of Francois Verlinden for the rolling hills of Moscow Mills, Missouri.

2002 Keith Magee. All Rights Reserved.

About the Author

About Keith Magee (KFMagee)

After a hiatus of several years following the sale of my hobby shop (Hobby Annex in Dallas, TX), I am ready to build again... I love dioramas, with a focus on WW2 and tend to spend a lot of time documenting my work... any questions, just let me know! - Keith