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The vignette is 54 mm, built by master sculpter Maurizio Bruno to be specially displayed in Euromilitaire 2008,Folkstone.

The inspiration of the built was Jacques Ferdinand Humbert 's famous oil painting The Soldier.

The main figure of the vignette represent a Kavas Bashi in 1780-1820, who were the personal guards of the high authorities
like Viziers and Governors in the Ottoman States.At first, the scene is considered displaying the figure resting in a Bazaar.Then to add
some movement to the vignette; Maurizio decided to add 2 childrens selling dates. One of the kids is trying to sell dates to
Kavas-Bachi as the other one is trying to take attention shouting Dates.

The materials used for the vignette ; Magicsculpt, AB, Milliput, Wood, Plasticard and Brass.

The paintwork is done by master painter Danilo Cartacci.

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About the Author

About Maurizio Bruno (MAB)


That is a beautifully created scene and as for the asculpting,what can i say it doesnt get any better than that. Steve
SEP 25, 2008 - 10:23 AM
äh "The inspiration of the built was Jacques Ferdinand Humbert 's famous oil painting The Soldier." that's an Italian version innit? There's a kind of dignified proud and austere and yet relaxed feeling about the Humbert painting while this scene -as awesomely sculpted as it is-looks like a big wedding cake with too much cream. So great it is, but if it was inspired by Humbert, then he missed his point
SEP 25, 2008 - 08:07 PM
The masters Bruno and Cartacci have done it again
SEP 26, 2008 - 06:15 PM
Absolutely a stunning work from both masters. Thanks alot for sharing.
OCT 07, 2008 - 09:42 PM