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Return To Halesworth

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The inspiration for the build came during one of my regular trips to Halesworth. Myself and Buzz Took from the Halesworth Museum were enjoying a meal in one of the local pubs and the story of the Henham crash and Stan Morrill came up in the conversation. Although I was familiar with the tragic events of that day in 1944 I hadn't realised the extent to which Buzz had researched the crash and Stan's story. I resolved that if I could find a suitable decal set I would present Buzz with a 1:48th model of “Btfsplk” on my next visit to the museum.

A search on Hannants website when I got home produced a set of decals from Superscale number 48-830 and this was promptly ordered along with the Loon Models “C” cowling and a Tamiya Razorback kit. Photos of LM-F were sourced both online and in my reference library which revealed that the aircraft was fitted with a whip ariel as opposed to a radio mast and construction began.

As usual, the Tamiya kits go together without any problems and the build took just over a month. That's a speed build for me, I usually average around 3 months for each model, but this one coincided with a 4 week break from work, and with another contract due to start in mid September I had to get moving in order to get the model to Halesworth before then. The hardest part of the build was keeping it a secret from Buzz!

By the second week in September the model was finished and carefully packed for the 170 mile drive to Halesworth. I met Buzz at the museum and we chatted about other things 56th for a while before I “remembered” I had something for him. The look of pure joy on his face when he recognised the artwork and squadron codes as Stan Morrills aircraft will be a moment I will always treasure.

The model now resides in its new home in the 56th Fighter Group display cabinet at the Halesworth Airfield Memorial Museum.

The photos show the crash site as it is today and the memorial on the Henham Estate as well as the model itself. The stunning portrait of Stan was drawn by Aubrey Grier and appears here with his kind permission.

I'd like to dedicate this model and feature article to the memory of Stanley Morrill and all other victims of the Henham air crash on 29th March 1944.

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About the Author

About Nigel Julian (lampie)

Restarted modelling in late 2005 after a break of over 20 years.Built a lot of armour as a teenager but now concentrating on WW2 aircraft. Some skills are coming straight back to me and Im learning new ones everytime I log on to this site it seems.


Hi Nige, GREAT model. I'm sure Buzz was very pleased as well as the museum !!!!! Sure hope that Ray gets "LORENE" HV-J to market on schedule this time; next month (January) is just around the corner. OOPs, that will be NEXT year won't it ????? Have a great & happy NEW YEAR. Russ Kyler.
DEC 29, 2008 - 09:52 AM
Hi Russ. Good to see you here! I hope Ray (VFS) gets his "M" released soon as well, because I want to build "Lorene" !! I really hope he gets the noseart correct, as nobody has yet, which I find very frustrating as theres no shortage of photographs of HV-J. Happy New Year Russ, talk soon. Nige
DEC 29, 2008 - 11:28 PM