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Building a NTC M1A1 Abrams!

I'm still not complete with this project yet. I wanted to have something done for the August Supercon here in Ft.Worth. I still want to put the mine rollers on. I also want to put the temporary unit chevrons and bumper numbers to represent a track from one of the units I supported while I was with the 24th Infantry Division. I'm also thinking about placing it on a diorama with and M88 getting ready to pull the "pack" out. Endless possibilities. A project is truly never done.

I have submitted 3 pictures to update my NTC M1A1 Abrams article (see gallery).

The mine roller came from the Trumpeter M1A1 Abrams w/Mine Roller Set. It was constructed straight from the box.

I also added a couple of markings to the vehicle. The V's and Unit identification V on the side skirts was made from Drafting tape . The 32 on the sides was painted with thin flat whit paint and then I used a Q-tip soaked with alcohol to fade it. The vehicle is marked as vehicle number 32 from B company.

See all images for this project here.


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