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Eastern European Camoflage

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Hans-Hermann Bühling recently made a great find for the fans of Modern East Block uniforms. At a Bundeswehr show, someone had collected the latest Russian "Green Men" uniform called "Zifra" and it´s Ukrainian counterpart. Wonder if anyone managed to paint the very small digital pattern of the Russian uniform?
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About Hans-Hermann Bühling (HermannB)


Could someone correct the title?
JUN 04, 2016 - 02:55 PM
Done, nice photos they will be useful, still not sure how I'll replicate this finish in 1/35.
JUN 04, 2016 - 03:45 PM
looks like from a Hollywood movie
JUN 04, 2016 - 04:25 PM
here is the real deal LINK
JUN 04, 2016 - 04:27 PM
and here LINK
JUN 04, 2016 - 04:28 PM
and the patch on the chest pocket is for security in supermarkets or companies))))))
JUN 04, 2016 - 04:29 PM
these collections of camo uniforms are looking good.
JUN 05, 2016 - 02:35 AM
Its not actual Russian Army uniform, but kepi is the same. It may belong to private or state security (like on the picture), nature protection structures, hunters, etc. Also you can easily buy it the shops.
JUN 05, 2016 - 09:20 PM