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Prinz Eugen

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Dade W. Bell shares one of his latest creations with us, a 1/350 scale diorama of Germany's Prinz Eugen.

This is a commission Dade had built of Trumpeterís 1/350 Prinz Eugen. It contains photo etch and barrels from Flyhawk and deck by Artwox. The masts are custom pieces made from brass. The model retains its full hull so that a close look in person reveals the hull disappearing into the depths of the water (itís hard to see in photos). The water is a 12 step process based around the use of silicone. Gunze Sangyo, Mr. Color and Vallejo paints were used along with AK Interactive products used for weathering. The photo etch was attached with CA glue and our own Gatorís Thin Blend product. This build won Gold and Best Overall: Ship at Maraudercon 2016.

Model Shipwrights would like to thank Dade W. Bell for providing photos of his 1/350 scale Prinz Eugen.
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About the Author

About Dade W. Bell (Karybdis)

I'm a third generation modeler who builds a little of everything (mostly Japanese)- all while being a 45 year old hermit who lives a happy, simple life, with my fiancťe (author Jaclyn Dolamore) and three cats. My father was an MM3 aboard the USS Saratoga (CVA-60), my grandfather was in one of the...


Wow, this is superb build. I just hope that I will be able to show off one day with something even remotely near to this in terms of build quality.
JAN 17, 2017 - 02:58 AM
Exceptionally well done.
JAN 17, 2017 - 07:34 AM
Very nice!
JAN 18, 2017 - 02:13 AM
Thanks for the kind words, guys!
JAN 18, 2017 - 02:21 AM
Wow great build. I am about ready to start a 1:350 Warspite build. Curious as to how you were able to airbrush such a large model, did you have to wait for good weather to work outside? My hobby room paint booth is not big enough for this behemoth.
JAN 30, 2017 - 09:41 AM
Thanks! All in, it really wasn't that big. The models is about 24" long and the overall base is 30". Compared to my 1/250 Musashi or 1/200 Bismarck, the 1/350 Prinz Eugen is pretty easy to work with. That said, I do have to wait for nice weather outside because even though I have a dedicated studio with a large twin fan exhaust paint booth, my studio is connected to the attic... The attic with no insulation (the house was built in 1878). It's never actually reached freezing in there (a blessing since it would ruin all my paint), but it has definitely gone into the low 40s Farenheit (the room laughs at heaters). Because of that, Winter is spent on construction only while I wait for warmer weather so I can get back into my studio to paint.
JAN 30, 2017 - 12:40 PM