Monday, October 25, 2010 - 03:23 AM UTC
Iwata stockists The Airbrush Company send us news of 4 new compressors in the Iwata Studio Series.

The 'Handle-Tank' compressors are in stock now. They are versions of the Smart Jet Pro and Power Jet Lite, but with an air tank in the handle and more power.

The light and portable Ninja Jet and the storage-space-galore 1/4 HP Maxx Jet between them fill out the entry-level and very top of the range respectively.

Both Ninja and Maxx Jet are due in stock at the end of October/beginning of November in limited quantities.

Please note in the description of the Ninja Jet that the Silver Jet still represents much better value with more features for a few pounds more. This is why The Airbrush Company are not stocking many Ninja Jets. They expect it will not detract from the huge popularity of the Silver Jet.

Airbrush Company advise that they have some final compatibility tests and measurements to make, and will be publishing a full comparison chart for the whole Iwata Studio Series compressors and a new A5 flyer for point of sale or mailing out or for reference.

There will be new airbrush/compressor kits featuring all of these new compressors, which we will be announcing in the coming weeks.
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