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Photo-Etched Diorama Parts
Photo-Etched Diorama Accessories
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by: Kevin Brant [ SGTRAM ]


Sometimes it is the little details or extra bits that can make a diorama look great. Add On Parts has released some nice resin diorama accessories in the past, and now they have released some equally nice photo-etched details to help dress up your dioramas. These three new photo-etched releases from Add On Parts include metal buckets, manholes, and iron fence sections.


35-0105 Iron Fence, Type 1 1 fret of photo-etch (3 fence sections)
35-0093 Metal Buckets 1 fret of photo-etch (4 buckets, 2 types)
35-0104 Manholes 1 fret of photo-etch (6 assorted manholes/drain covers)


The latest releases from Add On Parts look to be great additions for a diorama. The Iron Fence resembles an ornamental style fence, and is very finely detailed. It contains a lot of good looking details with fine bars. Being so delicate, it is easily damaged, so care will need to take when handling. The set does not include the posts, but these could easily be done with styrene or brass rod, or even better the fencing would look great between brick or concrete pillars.

For the manholes the photo-etched fret comes with six different street covers. The set includes three square drain covers, each with a different bar pattern, and two round and one square manhole type covers. Each of the manhole covers has a different pattern etched into the surface. The quality looks great and the etching detail looks to be very well done. These covers should look really good placed on a road in a diorama.

The third new release from Add On Parts is a set of metal buckets. Again done in photo-etch, they come with some nice looking engraved details on the surface. The set includes four buckets in total, with two each of two types. The buckets will need to be assembled by rounding the bucket sides and attaching the bottom piece and handle. The handles are very fine, and some care will need to taken when cutting off the fret and handling. Being photo-etched metal, it will also be easy to show some use with a couple well placed dents.


Overall these three releases from Add On Parts look to be great diorama accessories. While the iron fence and manhole covers are great items to use in a diorama, the buckets could be used in a diorama or as stowage on a vehicle. While the iron fence contains no posts and the buckets require assembly, these should be no problem for a seasoned modeler, and should produce some great looking results. I would definitely recommend these new items from Add On Parts.
Highs: Great detail for dioramas, nice looking surface detail.
Lows: No posts for iron fence, and some modelers may find it tricky to form buckets.
Verdict: Great details for dioramas, highly recommended.
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  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: See Review Text
  PUBLISHED: Nov 15, 2014

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