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IDF Puma Update Set
IDF Puma Late Type Update Set
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


The IDF Puma from Hobby Boss has attracted a lot of attention from the after market manufacturer Legend Productions. This offering listed as a late Puma update set has quite a low parts counts, but some nice details none the less.


Inside one of the usual end opening card boxes used by Legend Productions you will find two Ziploc bags and a piece of paper, the contents of these breaks down as follows
2 photo etched frets
A length of brass wire
7 resin parts
A printed instruction sheet


All of the parts in this set have reached me in prefect condition, and after some minor clean up will be ready for use. The most obvious parts provided consist of two storage bins that mount on the right hand side of the fighting compartment and a new hatch door. Removal of the stowage boxes from their pour plugs should be relatively easy. The moulded on detail is the usual high quality I have come to expect from Legend Productions being free of any moulding defects. I particularly like that Legend Productions has provided wire for the handle detail, but I would have been further impressed if they had also included the plastic shim for the rear where it attaches to the vehicle or moulded it as a part of the box.

The new raised dome hatch cover also gets a lifting handle from the included brass wire. Again removal of the pour plug should be a relatively easy process and where it attaches to the face is where the lifting handle mounts. Also included for this part is a bump stop which could easily have been overlooked. The photo etched parts are nicely thin and so easy to bend and work with, but there are a number of very small pieces being used around the front mudguards that will possibly test your patients and if I am honest looks a little untidy.


I have been very happy with the products that Legend Productions have released for the Hobby Boss Puma, I do however feel a little confused by this offering due to the number of parts supplied that appear surplus to requirements. If they are not surplus items then they are not shown as part of the instructions; the parts are shown on the front of the box and so I am lead to believe should be included. What is on the photo etched fret and not indicated for use are a good number of strap loops, these are always very useful and a great free inclusion.
Highs: This is a small update set for the Hobby Boss Puma in 1/35th scale that has its uses, most obviously the domed hatch detail, plus a number of the parts not mentioned will be very useful.
Lows: The instructions could ideally be clearer as I do not find them as clear as they could be. I would also like to see the shim on the rear of the stowage boxes supplied or moulded as a part of the offering.
Verdict: Depending on price I can see a place for this set, but I will admit to being a little confused by the instructions. I really do like the inclusion of the strap loops for the model or any other model for that matter.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF1328
  PUBLISHED: Jun 23, 2016

Our Thanks to Legend Productions!
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