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Copper Weld Lines
Copper Weld Lines
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by: Ian Barraclough [ BARRA733 ]

I initially saw these on the news section of Armorama and knew that I needed these in my modelling life. I’ve used ‘decal’ weld lines before but always found them to be very one dimensional and prone to breakage.
The Kit
When these were originally mentioned on Armorama I thought they were provided as ‘stiff’ rods. When they arrived I realised that they’re actually soft copper wire, supplied coiled inside Ziploc bags in a box. They are 100 cm in length, and semi-circular in cross-section with a flat side and a rounded, textured side.
The Review
On initial handling they are soft and easily bent, even across the axis - although for a good right angle ‘sideways’ bend you may need a couple of flat nosed pliers to ensure the parts remain straight.

I would suggest that you ignore the scale references. I used both the 1/48 and 1/35 welds on my 1/35 T-55. It all depends on the width of the weld you’re representing. Looking at the profile it obviously lends itself to flat welds across a slat surface, as seen in its use on the front glacis plate weld on the Tamiya T-55. I did use the 1/48 weld lines ‘stacked’ in order to produce concave corner welds but I think you would struggle to do convex welds. I also heated the weld lines which made them softer and more easy to bend – this worked a treat. To complete the effect, I run over the weld with thinned putty and Mr Surfacer.
The Conclusion
Compared to transfer welds these are much more malleable and far less prone to breakage. As the next development by Mirage Hobby I would suggest ¼ circle cross-section welds to allow easy additions of welds of different shapes and sizes
Highs: Very flexible, great definition and 100cm will cover quite a few models.
Lows: Currently only ‘flat’ welds supplied.
Verdict: Thoroughly recommended to all modellers wanting to add this level of detail to their builds.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 235002
  PUBLISHED: Jul 19, 2016

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About Ian Barraclough (barra733)

I am an Electrical Engineer who has been modelling for 25+ years. I enjoy building obscure, but interesting pieces from the modern era, but will build anything if it grabs my interest.

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I would like to buy some, but the Mirage site does not have Canada as a shipping option. Is there a company in North America that sells them????
JUL 19, 2016 - 06:31 PM
Hello! yes, we had some technical problems, but now everything is correct! NOW We are delivering worldwide! (to Canada, USA, Australia etc too) Best regards! Mirage Hobby http://www.Mirage-Hobby.com
JUL 19, 2016 - 07:37 PM
What a great idea!
JUL 19, 2016 - 09:28 PM
Hi Mirage-Hobby. Was going to email you that the review was up but you're a step ahead of me!
JUL 19, 2016 - 10:04 PM
I just ordered a few different types of each scale. I cant wait to try them out.
JUL 22, 2016 - 04:33 AM

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