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Browning Gun Barrel
.30 Cal Browning Gun Barrel
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by: Pat McGrath [ EXER ]


When I first returned to modelling I was scared stiff of after market etch brass and replacement gun barrels. Iíve since embraced add ons, though I occasionally end up swearing like a trooper with bits of brass glued to my face or embedded under my fingernails. However, there are some great brass add-ons that will enable even the most ham fisted modeler (and I put myself in that category) to enhance a model without bringing up their blood pressure and this set from SKP is a case in point. Although not specified, the barrel is for the M1919 Browning .30 cal series machine gun, which was used by the US army right up to the Vietnam War and indeed may still be in use in some parts of the world.


The barrel comes in a ziplock bag inside a blister pack backed by card. One turned brass barrel and one barrel sleeve is included.


The sleeve fits nice and snug over the barrel. Both parts are beautifully machined. The barrel complete with sleeve measures approx 15.5 mm from the tip of the muzzle to the end of the sleeve & there is (approximately) an extra 2.5 mm added on to insert into the body of the machine gun. I do have digital calipers but I canít find them, so an approximate measurement will have to do. A hole will need to be drilled in the body of the host machine gun or ball mount and the barrel inserted to the correct depth. The only .30 cal MG I had to hand was an Italeri one from the M4A1 Sherman, and I have included it in the photos for comparison.


Cleaning up the seams from .30 cal machine gun barrels is a chore even now when seam lines are minimal, and this set does away with that chore and will enhance the look of any vehicle mounting a .30 cal Browning machine gun. For convenience sake I would like to have seen a set of two or even three barrels for tanks with an external MG for the commander, a turret MG and a co axial MG for convenience sake, but thatís just selfishness on my part.

Highs: The great detail is a real improvement on plastic barrels and simple to use.
Lows: Price may be an issue with the strength of the Euro.
Verdict: Will greatly enhance any Browning .30 cal MG.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: SKP 044
  Suggested Retail: 3.99 EUR
  PUBLISHED: Oct 18, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United States

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