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SBS Vol. 13 UE Tractor
Step by Step Finishing German Armour: UE Tractor with Schweres Wurfgerat 41
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by: Hilbert Zuijdendorp [ HILBERT ]


This book is the 13th in Glenn Bartolotti’s Step by Step Finishing German Armor series. It is published in the in-expensive and worldwide used PDF files, which is easy to use and is sent directly by email. In this episode, Glenn will use the Tamiya 35284 French Army UE Tractor and Tamiya 35155 Schweres Wurfgerat 41 “Heulende Kuh” as the subject. In the end, the purpose of this book is to explain some weathering techniques of WWII vehicles, and that’s why this ‘book’ only contains 15 pages.


This book contains 15 pages as mentioned earlier. These pages can be printed on A4 format paper. The first 2 pages consist of the title of this book and a photograph of the finished model. There is also a reference photo which the author used for scratchbuilding some parts to modify the model.

The next page presents a list with some tools he used. On page # 4 there is again a picture with the finished model. Here is presented a reference photo as well.

The building process is on page #5. Glenn shows the modifications by scratchbuilding some parts and added this to the actual vehicle. There is a small column of text, which isn’t a lot, but clear enough to understand what Glenn is doing.

Pages 6, 7 and 8 shows the completed model and begins the painting process. Step by step Glenn tells how he painted this model in a camouflage scheme. Pages 9 and 10 shows how the wash is applied. Pages 11 and 12 explains the effort of applying some special effects by using pastel pigments and chips are added to the model. The last three pages are photos of the finished model and the upcoming book.


It’s the price and the manner of distribution that I can see as positive. For less than 2 dollars you’ll have a lot of visual information which will help you improve your modeling skills, especially your weathering techniques. Although, there is one down-side about this book. This book will only be suitable for the less experienced modelers. Because the techniques that you’ll find in this episode are quite simple to learn. But these techniques are the most widely used by any modeler. Another thing I want to put forward are the pictures itself. These are really nice, clear and easy to follow. The text which belongs to a specific picture could be more extended, but besides that it is easy to follow and understandable.
Highs: Inexpensive, nice photographs, easy to follow.
Lows: Text could be more extended, not suitable for more experienced modellers.
Verdict: You'll get a clear picture of how to use modelling techniques along with some nice photographs. The text could me more extended but it is easy to follow.
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  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: Vol. 13
  Suggested Retail: $1.95
  PUBLISHED: Sep 15, 2010

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