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Palm Leaf 2 (large)
J's work Paper Plant series Palm Leaf 2 (large)
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by: Russ Amott [ RUSSAMOTTO ]


J's Work, a diorama accessory manufacturer from China, offers a number of products for modelers, currently in four different categories; Paper Plant series, Terrain series, Diorama Accessories series and the forthcoming Plastic Model Kit.


This new release is part of the Paper Plant series. Entitled palm Leaf 2 (large), it should not be confused with an earlier release entitled Palm Leaf 2. This new set can be identified by it's item number, PPA1026. It features 8 palm leaves delicately cut on pre-colored paper. The paper has multicolored hues of brown, yellow and green to give a nice varied appearance of a live or fresh cut frond. The printing is on both sides of the paper.

All of the leaves are the same size, measuring 127mm long. They are of a uniform appearance, long and somewhat thin, with no taper in the frond length. I don't know what species of palm is represented here as my knowledge of palm flora is non existent, but the leaves themselves are very nice looking. There are small attachment points that extend from individual leaf sections that must be cut and then shaped carefully to match the other leaf tips.

There are no instructions provided for their use, but details are offered at the web site. The fronds can be shaped carefully with a burnishing tool or other blunt tipped object, or carefully bent and shaped by hand. A stem can be fabricated from wire and glued to the backside if desired, using white glue. They can also be painted with care to vary their appearance even more. It appears the set can be used for 1/32 to 1/48 scales.


In all, this is a very useful looking product for the diorama or model builder.
Highs: Excellent, delicate detail. Coloring is well done.
Lows: None noted
Verdict: Another excellent diorama accessory ready to use.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: JW-PPA1026
  Suggested Retail: $5.99
  PUBLISHED: Sep 25, 2011

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Thanks for the help again, Mario. This is a really useful product, and about as easy to use as you can get.
SEP 25, 2011 - 06:34 AM
Yeah, looks like you can get prety good reults in no time. I wish the manufacturers included the instructions like they do on the webpage. I would like to see how it holds up airbrushing also
SEP 25, 2011 - 07:18 AM

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