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Militärfahrzeug Issue 4/2012
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by: Jason Bobrowich [ LEOCMDR ]


Tankograd is well known for the wide variety of topics and images spanning the history of armoured vehicles in their books. The trademark Tankograd Militärfahrzeug (Military Vehicle) series of quarterly magazines provides both historians and modellers with information and images on armoured combat, NATO exercises, military units, and new and old technology.

the latest issue

Issue 4/2012 is a very interesting read from front to back and contains something for everyone. Each issue is printed on glossy A4-size (210mmx297mm) paper. Typical issues have 56 pages with the main body text written in German, plus numerous photos with captions in both German and English. Translated summaries of the articles in English are printed on the back pages. While some information may be lost during translation in order to conserve space the gist is there.

Issue 4/2012 contains the following articles:

▪ Marder AIFV Evolution: What do you do with your old Marder? Well this article covers that with technical descriptions and images of the latest upgrades for the Marder AIFV (Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle). The upgrades are focused on the export market for those nations looking to move to an AIFV or replace existing older vehicles such as M113s. These include an RWS armed APC version, an ambulance version, command post version, and a 105 mm turreted MBT version. The demonstrator images are great and this is a excellent peek at a “new” AFV.

▪ The MUNA Military Museum in Germany gets one page for its 2012 open house. Some great images of restored and privately owned Cold War armour are included.

▪ Who says tractors aren’t military vehicles? This next article was very interesting to read and covered the history and evolution of the Russian KhTZ-16 tankette used in the defence of Kharkov in the fall of 1941. These unique vehicles reversed the saying and turned plowshares into swords in a desperate attend to defend mother Russia.

▪ Combat Engineers form a critical part of combat operations on the battlefield. This article provides excellent insight into FTX Schwarzer Husar (Black Hussar) 71. This exercise was all about river crossings and a critical component for training during the cold war in Europe. There are some great old B&W images of the vehicles used during this military exercise.

▪ A one page report on the military open house at the Uffenheim military museum includes images of both NATO and ex-Warsaw Pact armoured vehicles.

▪ Hot off the press describes this next article which shows the newest and meanest Armoured Recovery Vehicle and Armoured Engineer Vehicles on the market, the Wisent 2. The Wisent 2 (Bison) uses a common Leopard 2 hull and is converted into an ARV or AEV. These are not new production vehicles but instead use existing hulls for the conversions. Great technical descriptions as well as detailed images of the demonstrator vehicles are included in the article. Canada has become the first purchaser of the Wisent 2 with 13 AEVs and an option for 5 more.

▪ This next article was very interesting to read and focuses on a pictorial and historical account of a head on encounter and collision of a German StuG III and a Russian T-34 during WWII. This article provides a pieced together history of the events leading up to this tank “ramming” incident and dissects what likely happened. The images are great and a really great inspiration for modellers wanting to create a unique diorama.

▪ Part 1 of future articles covers the Bundeswehr Panzer Companies from 1956 to today. This article provides an overview of the Order of Battle of the Panzer Companies in the 1950s while using the M47, M48A1, and M48A2.

▪ One of the most unique Leopard 2 users is Singapore and this article describes and shows the Leopard 2 SG in all its glory. From the AMAP armour to the slat armour package this tank stands out in the monotone grey-green paint. The article also covers the LARV…Leopard 2 Armoured Recovery Vehicle and Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge (L2-AVLB) which both have some unique features specific to Singapore service.

▪ Leopard 2s and BMPs playing together was a sight never possible during the Cold War. FTX Borsuk 2012 conducted by Polish and Bundeswehr forces shows some excellent images of Leopard 2A6s and BWP-1s working in concert along with other ex-Soviet and Western era armour. A true testament to former foes working together.

▪ Covering off another ARV this final article shows the stoic FV204 Chieftain ARRV (CHARRV) in all its glory. This vehicle was a must have with the 900 MBTs fielded by the British Army. Eventually replaced by the Challenger based CRARRVs the CHARRVs served faithfully and loudly!


This was a really great issue and there is a ton of excellent content. Just open up the book and read and learn something new.

Highs: I learned something new with each article. Great content!
Lows: The small one page articles left me wanting more.
Verdict: A very unique blend of old and new military topics and images.
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  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: 4/2012
  Suggested Retail: 8.95 Euros
  PUBLISHED: Nov 11, 2012

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