Victoria, Australia

Occupation: Sales Manager - Construction Industry
Interests: Woodworking, Guitars, Fishing
Username: AussieReg


About AussieReg
Born 1967. Bachelor of Applied Science, Chemistry and Aquatic Biology, currently working as Technical Sales in water treatment for heating and cooling systems and process water. 6 children, Jessica, Lola, Joshua, Liam, Darcy and Evie. Other hobbies are guitars, fishing and woodwork. Built model trucks with my father as a boy, got interested in aircraft in my early teens, then didn't do much (apart from stash enhancement) for about 20 years.

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56th FG Zemke's Wolpack 2016: This ribbon signifies the completion of a build for the 56th FG Zemke's Wolpack 2016 Aeroscale Group Build.
Aces High 2: The awards signifies that this person completed the Aces High 2 Campaign.
Aerial screw helicopter campaign 2011: This award signifies this person completed the Aeriel Screw Helicopter Campaign 2011
Aluminium Campaign Award: This ribbon signifies that this person has completed a bright and shiny bird for the Aluminium Campaign.
Anti-Shipping Award: This award represents a completed build for the 2010-2011 Anti-Shipping Campaign
Bf 109 Campaign:
Blue Oval - Ford Motor Company Vehicles: the Ford emblem ribbon will be awarded to all those GB members who finish our GB within the posted time period, and post two pictures in the GB Gallery.
Boom Boom 2010: This award represents dedicated service to the Boom Boom 2010 Twin Boom Campaign and is presented with thanks by your proud campaign leader
Camm-paign. The Sir Sydney Camm Campaign Award: This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale
Cave Tonitrum: This award signifies this person completed the 2009 P-47 group build Cave Tonitrum
Century Series: This ribbon signifies that the recipiant has successfully completed the Century series campaign
Corsair's The Sky Pirates Award: This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale
Delta Dawn Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon signifies the participant completed at least one model of a delta winged aircraft for the Delta Dawn Campaign
Demolition Derby Award: This person has been awarded this medal for completing the Demolition Derby Group Build at AutoModeler.
Dressed To Kill Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies this person completed the Dressed To Kill Campaign on P-47 Heaven.
End Of Days Campaign: This skull and crossbones ribbon signifies that the participant has completed at least one semi-scratchbuilt model for the EOD campaign
Fighting Falcon Campaign 2011:  This award signifies this person completed the Fighting Falcon Campaign 2011
Garage Queens 2019: This award represents completion of an Auto build that sat idle for too long!
Jeeps Campaign:
Made in Italy Ribbon: This ribbon is awarded to all those who successfully complete the
Origami campaign: This award signifies this person completed the Origami Campaign
Osprey Duel Campaign award: This award is granted to modelers who have participated in and completed the KitMaker University Campaign based on the Osprey Duel series of books
P 40 Work Horse Campaign: This shows that this person was a patriot of the great warbird P 40.
P-47 SIG Pin-Ups Ribbon: This ribbon is awarded for completing a build for the 2011 P-47 SIG Pin-Up Jugs Campaign.
P-51 Campaign: This ribbon shows that the individual completed the Campaign
Pacific Thunder Award: This award signifies completion of the P-47 Heaven
PIN-UP Campaign ribbon: This award signifies this person completed the PIN-UP Campaign
Porsche #1 Award: This ribbon represents completion of a build in the 2018-19 Porsche #1 (70th Anniversary) Group Build on Automodeler
Schwalbe II Ribbon: Awarded for successful completion of the Schwalbe II Campaign
Sea Planes and Flying Boats:
SOSIG Campaign 2020 award: This award signifies that the recipient has successfully completed the 2020 P-47 Heaven Save Our SIG Campaign
Strip Track Trail 2020: This cool ribbon has been awarded to those who completed the 2020 Strip, Track & Trail race theme group build.
The great checker board : This ribbon shows that the individual has completed the campaign