Maine, United States

Occupation: Unemployed Professional Procrastinating Perfectionist. Retired
Interests: 1:1 1946 Willys CJ2a, wife, kids. Order varies on who's working at the time.
Username: BUTA46


About BUTA46
Paid $2.50 for Tamiya Scwimwagen in 1974 at Sears. Modeled through High School but took a break to go see the world in a submarine for a few years. On and off modeling since then with a break to re-build a 1946 CJ2a. Really stopped modeling when the kids came along, but they are growing up now and don't need dad for much other than cash or a ride. Slowly getting back into modeling but, wow, all the new techniques! During my CJ re-build I came into contact with several local Military Vehicle restorers which makes for some great reference photos. Also play WOT Xbone when no one else in the house is using up the bandwidth.

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