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  Pennsylvania, United States

Occupation: Unemployed
Interests: Carpentry, building, hunting, fishing, Military history.
Username: redneck


About redneck
Iím a redneck from Somerset county Pennsylvania.

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Civilian Uprising: This ribbon signifies that this member has completed the Civilian Uprising campaign on Historicus Forma during 2006.
Dreadnoughts! Campaign Award Ribbon: This award signifies that the bearer has successfully completed the Dreadnoughts! Campaign
Leyte Gulf: Leyte Gulf Campaign Award
Meow Campaign: Iron cross 2nd class ribbon with a black cat on the center red section
Modern Armor Ribbon: Upon completion of this campaign, you will be decorated with Armorama's finest Modern Armor ribbon. This ribbon is awarded to the selected few that has shown dedication and effort in completing a campaign that is dedicated to the men and women in the frontlines on the war on terror.
MSW Community Build Contest Ribbon: This award signifies the bearer a successful completion of the Community Build Contest
Official Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon signifies this builder has completed the MSW
Official Flattops Campaign Award Ribbon: The bearer of this ribbon has succesfully completed Gary Beebe's Flattops Campaign in good standings
OIF campaign armorama '03-'07: this award is to show that the person has completed the OIF '03-'07 armorama campaign